Rogers Centre (Toronto)
Rogers Centre Ground Rule Particulars


Fair ball (bounding) striking padding on outfield fence above/beyond railing to foul or seating side of foul line: Out of Play.

Fair ball lodging in fence padding: Two Bases.

Fair ball (bounding) striking fence padding and bouncing over fence: Two Bases.

Batted ball striking the top of the outfield wall above the left center and right center field videoboards and bounding over the fence: Home Run.

Batted ball striking the top of the outfield wall above the left center and right center field videoboards and rebounding onto the playing field: In Play.


Please refer to MLB Regulation 1-11 regarding the opening and closing of retractable roofs and/or wall panels and, where applicable, supplement with each individual ballpark's guidelines for their retractable roof and/or wall panels.







Roof will be closed when:

• Forecast temperatures will be below 10 degrees C.
• Winds will be in excess of 64km/hr - 10 min. average wind speed (Design condition)
• Past experiences have demonstrated that fan comfort may be affected by temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees C – therefore forecasted temperatures at the start and end of game will be factored into the decision
• Winds above 20 km/hr will also have a cooling effect reducing temperatures below our 10 to15-degree threshold
• The risk of rain is great ( ie: >75% )

While there shall be no definitive temperature standard used to determine roof closure, less than 50 degrees at field level is generally considered uncomfortable for our fans. Under those conditions, particularly if there are threatening skies, closing the roof is a recommended policy.

Roof will be open when:

Prior to start of the game:

• Forecast temperatures and environmental conditions permit the safe opening and operation of the roof. Temperatures should be above 15 degrees C with very little chance of precipitation (< 45%). Weather forecasts and radar will be used to determine these ideal conditions

During the game when:

• Weather conditions improve. Opening the roof during the game will follow MLB Standards and On Field Operations Regulation 1-12. Factors such as temperature, precipitation and shadows (caused by moving panels) will be considered before making the final decision to open the roof during a game.

Universal Ground Rules:

The Commissioner's Office has issued the following Universal Ground Rules for use in all Major League ballparks this season. Ground Rules pertaining to individual parks are posted separately in those parks.