Miller Park (Milwaukee)
Miller Park Ground Rule Particulars


Fair batted bounding or thrown ball striking the green safety railings on the walls down the left field and right field lines in foul territory and rebounding onto the playing field: In Play.

Pad in the left field corner is treated as part of the foul pole.
  • Batted ball in flight striking the pad: Home Run.
  • Batted ball in flight striking to the left of the pad: Foul Ball.
  • Fair bounding ball striking the pad: Two Bases.
  • Fair bounding ball striking to the left of the pad: In Play.


Batted ball strikes roof, roof truss, or roof cable over fair territory: In Play.
    • If caught by fielder, batter is out and runners advance at own risk.

Batted ball strikes roof, roof truss, or roof cable over foul territory: Dead Ball.


Please refer to MLB Regulation 1-11 regarding the opening and closing retractable roofs and/or wall panels and, where applicable, supplement with each individual ballpark�s guidelines for their retractable roof and/or wall panels.







It is the desire of the Milwaukee Brewers to have the roof open as much as feasible. The Brewers philosophy on the pre-game positioning of the roof and walls is to provide the playing and viewing of the game in the best environment possible.

The most current weather forecast thru the anticipated normal conclusion of the game is taken into account when the decision to have the roof and/or walls open or closed is made.

The umpire chief/crew is informed of the current weather information and the decision that was made as to the roof/wall pre-game position.

In general, in-game movement of the roof and walls at Miller Park will be utilized in the same manner as a field tarp would be used in an open-air facility.

If the roof/walls are open for the start of the game, adverse developing weather conditions would generally be the reason the roof and/or walls would be closed.

If the roof and/or walls are closed at any point before or during the game, an improvement in the current weather conditions, and/or adverse temperatures or high humidity inside the ballpark, will be the reasons to open the roof/walls. An unforeseen reversal of weather conditions would be the only reason for a closing of the roof/walls again under this scenario.

The designated Brewers staff to communicate the various roof/walls positioning to the umpire chief/crew would be the Vice President � Miller Park Operations and, as an alternate, the Head Groundskeeper, who also monitors the weather conditions.

Universal Ground Rules:

The Commissioner�s Office has issued the following Universal Ground Rules for use in all Major League ballparks this season. Ground Rules pertaining to individual parks are posted separately in those parks.